September 19, 2021

Tweets on Rohit Sharma

Michael Vaughan

I can't imagine what it feels like to go to bowl him, you charge in, you try and get as much effort into that delivery,   you are bowling around 85 miles an hour and Rohit plays a forward defense as if you would like 3 miles an hour and he also plays whips it through the on side and it's kind of that look  that was rubbish.

Hardik Pandya

He gives us full freedom to play. However we want to play that actually change my name because give me freedom to express myself expressing myself was the main think in my career which Rohit give me.

Jemimah Rodrigues

Rohit Sharma is my favorite Batter, I really loved watching him bat

SuryaKumar Yadav

when i was overlooked for the Australia tour I was very disappointed but Rohit said I just believe you I am doing great job for the team instead of thinking about it you just do the same thing that you are doing since day  one and when the time is right your office be will come may be today or tomorrow you just believe in yourself these words of it boosted my confidence

Trent bolt

Rohit Sharma Hitman is those batsman against whom it has been very difficult to bowl he is very destructive batsman

Kuldeep Yadav

If Rohit Sharma is the captain, you can ask freely on ways to improve about your role in the team

Alyssa Healy

I look at the modern test game and see how it's changed quite a lot, I watch a lot of the men's cricket when I look at someone like Rohit Sharma who is one of the most devastating white ball batters in the world   an yet he is really successful open in test cricket, so for me I said look at somebody like him and think about how he translate store skills across all the format could at potentially replicate that somehow.

Kapil Dev

When Rohit Sharma plays he looks very attractive and looks very effortless while playing when he plays it seems that he has all the time he is batting so beautiful to watch


Playing under Rohit Sharma in Mumbai Indians has boosted by confidence immensely

Ishan Kishan

Rohit Sharma is very clever as captain in on the ground it takes very smart moves is supports youngsters a lot 

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